All three of our history/politics classes are now in session, the first of the other study abroad groups1 have arrived, and our weekly field trips around Vienna have begun – school is well and truly in session now, folks.
As an aside, the blog post for this week will arrive in two parts – this, the first, showing a bit of our academic exploration of Vienna, and the second will show up sometime soon. I had a lot of pictures from my own explorations this week, so it’s going to take me a while to get them all in order.
But now, on to the photos:

One of the nice things about being situated in the First District is that the daily commute to school, and from school to anywhere else we might want to go, is full of beautiful things.
The main goal of our tour was a museum devoted to the Roman ruins.
There was cool stuff like the ancient sewer grating, above, or the little play-place that we enjoyed.
It was a pretty cool little museum – a few things had been replaced by replicas, and they were marked as being safe to touch:
Oh, and the coolest part? The basement of the museum extended out under the street… because, of course, the first district is built on top of the Roman ruins. So, by going down a flight of stairs, you could see the real ruins of the ancient Roman camp.
That’s a casual picture taken through the hypocaust of what used to a Roman military building. Very cool.
After the museum, we headed over to the oldest church in the city, home of a cool statue of the Madonna…
… and the skeleton of a saint, a gift from a Pope to some Holy Roman Emperor or another.

  1. From other schools, that is.