Wish List


Books marked with an asterisk(*) are available as Kindle-compatible ebooks. I’m living in a college dorm, which doesn’t give me much room for bookshelves, and thus I heartily prefer Kindle books, since they fit so handily into a handheld device. Amazon1 has support for gifting Kindle books, a guide to which is available here. Thank you!



Comics/Graphic Novels

In general, these don’t have Kindle versions available; in a few cases, they do, but as the Kindle I use for reading is one of the black-and-white models, reading comics on there isn’t the best experience.


Thank you for reading! This list will always be available at my website.

  1. Note that all Amazon links used here are AmazonSmile links; you can do the same by swapping out ‘smile’ for ‘www’ when you’re at ‘www.amazon.com,’ and a portion of what you spend on Amazon gets donated to a charity of your choice. 
  2. A Kindle version is available, but only in the United Kingdom. 


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