Over the past few years I’ve started to pay more attention to my health,1 taking advantage of some of the technologies available on the iOS platform. One regard I’ve never been happy with was water tracking; after switching from app to app to app, I gave up and just made my own. Available as a free download on the App Store.

Neural Audio

An exploration of the use of neural networks for music information retrieval. (What?)


I take lots of notes in my classes, and sometimes they’re useful to other people.


I make a new playlist every month, and somebody asked me to write them up and post them, so here they are.

Photoblogging Austria

I did a study abroad in Austria, and followed it up with a two-week ‘travel around Europe’ session. I photoblogged the whole experience, go take a look if you’d like.

Scholarship List

A way to get organized with all those scholarships you’re applying to, you successful student, you.

  1. Something about quitting the swim team and no longer having the magical metabolism of someone swimming for two hours a day inspired me. 


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