So, if you check my website at all frequently,1 you’ve probably noticed that I do a lot of reading. And when I finish a book, I write up a review, summarizing my thoughts on the book.
But I don’t finish every book I start. I go back and forth on how I feel about this – sometimes I think “I paid for this book, I have a duty to myself and that transaction to finish it.” But generally I’m okay with putting a book down if it, for whatever reason, doesn’t capture my interest.
That isn’t really something you all get to see, though, because up until now I’ve made very little reference to the fact that I don’t finish books. All anyone sees is the reviews, showing that I’ve finished another book. I figured I’d rectify that, so I’m using this post to write up the list of books that I started and didn’t finish this summer.2 It’s rather long. Without further ado:3
– Priest (Colville)
– The Physics of Superheroes: Spectacular Second Edition (Kakalios)
– The Weight of a Crown (Kaeden)
– Freehold (Dietz)
– Falling In Love With Hominids
– The Reaper’s Daughter (Randall)
– Frankenstein (Shelley)
– Jam (Croshaw)
– The Life of Buddha And It’s Lessons
– The Hacker’s Diet (Walker)
– The New Jim Crow
– Cat Skinner’s Book (Burnett)
– The Girl at the End of the World
– Rust: One (Ruz)
– Salvage
– Willing Servants
– Trigger
– Organ Reapers
– Cathedral of Dreams
– The Girl’s Guide to the Apocalypse
– Sugar Scars
– Letter from Hell
– Parallel Extinction
– Mission Veritas
– Reinheit
– Life After the Undead
– Once Humans
– Wednesday
– Gristle and Bone
– Fairy Tales Every Child Should Know
– Wingman (Maloney)
– Jumper (Gould)
– Wizard’s First Rule (Goodkind)
– Boneshaker (Priest)

That might not be all – there’s still twenty books left on my unread list, and I have a bad habit of buying more books when I’ve still got other things to read.4
A noticeable trend: post-apocalyptic fiction. I’m just not a fan of the depressing science fiction stuff- the world is depressing enough already, if you ask me, and I think we need more hope and happiness.

  1. Well, before I started with all of my study abroad posts, at least. 
  2. I’m only referencing books from this summer, because it was this summer that I made a project (“Kindle Completion”) in Things to go through and read every book on my Kindle. 
  3. I’ll make an effort to list the authors, but as I’m typing this up on my phone while flying across the country, I make no promises, as I don’t have access to my Kindle so I’m working off Things’ logbook. 
  4. “The Bibliophile’s Lament” 

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