Wish List


Books marked with an asterisk(*) are available as Kindle-compatible ebooks. I’m living in a college dorm, which doesn’t give me much room for bookshelves, and thus I heartily prefer Kindle books, since they fit so handily into a handheld device. Amazon1 has support for gifting Kindle books, a guide to which is available here. Thank you!



Comics/Graphic Novels

In general, these don’t have Kindle versions available; in a few cases, they do, but as the Kindle I use for reading is one of the black-and-white models, reading comics on there isn’t the best experience.



Gift Cards

I know it’s considered uncouth to suggest these, but some people simply prefer giving a gift card rather than a specific gift. In that case, you may as well know which would be helpful, namely:

  • Amazon
  • Barnes & Noble4
  • Albertsons5

Thank you for reading! This list will always be available at my website.

  1. Note that all Amazon links used here are AmazonSmile links; you can do the same by swapping out ‘smile’ for ‘www’ when you’re at ‘www.amazon.com,’ and a portion of what you spend on Amazon gets donated to a charity of your choice. 
  2. A Kindle version is available, but only in the United Kingdom. 
  3. While a Kindle version is available, the book is illustrated and thus won’t play nice with my Kindle. 
  4. The campus bookstore is a Barnes & Noble affiliate, and takes their gift cards. Textbooks are expensive, and I appreciate any help I get. 
  5. There’s an Albertsons just off campus, and it’s where most of the students go for groceries and various odds and ends.