New Paint

You may have noticed that things look a bit different around here. Well-spotted, it’s a bit of a big change.
It’s because, once again, I’m changing up what I’m using this blog for.1 The ‘daily tech posts’ thing was fun for a while, and I’m still leaving that as a thing that I might do, but it’s not the core idea. I do still enjoy the book reviews, even though I haven’t had much time for reading lately,2 so those will likely continue.
But this year is going to be weird, folks. I’m writing this from Louisiana,3 and did a bunch of the coding for the new look in Los Angeles.4 The rest of my summer, I’m spending here in Louisiana, working on some interesting research at Louisiana State University.
I’ll be home for about two weeks, during which I’m going on two different vacations to two very photogenic locations.
And then I hop on board a plane and fly to Austria, where I’m studying abroad for the entire fall semester.
When that comes to an end, I’m spending a couple weeks doing the whole ‘European tourist’ thing, wandering around the Continent, finding pretty things to take pictures of.
Spotted the theme yet? Well done. It’s photos: I’m gonna be doing a lot of photography in the coming months, and I wanted a look for the site that could really bring that to the forefront. This new one does that pretty well, if I do say so myself.5
So, that’s that: a fresh coat of paint for the website, getting things looking pretty.6
(I was planning to have this post go a lot longer, but since I’m now tethering to my phone, I don’t want to spend the amount of time it would take to properly upload the photos I was going to post, so I’ll just make that another post later in the week when I have actual internet access.)

  1. It’s a good thing I don’t make too many promises about what it’ll be; the core idea is “I use it for whatever I feel like posting on the internet,” and I’ve stuck with that pretty well, I think. 
  2. More on that later. 
  3. In a hotel whose wifi is some of the worst I have ever used. It’s… spectacularly awful. 
  4. The hotel there had much better wifi, which I was supposed to pay for but didn’t. Somehow I wound up in a rewards program, I’m unclear on what all that consisted of, but I got fast internet for free, so I’m happy. 
  5. And, since I did a lot of the code myself, I’m able to do a lot more tweaking to it than the last one. Expect things to keep changing, because I can never leave things alone. 
  6. Normally I’d ask what people think, but I haven’t actually had time to get the comments box put back together, so… tweet me, I guess? There are so many social networks, there’s a myriad of ways to get in touch with me to express your opinions.