A theory on how the EmDrive works

MIT Technology Review:

That leaves an important puzzle—how to explain the seeming violation of conservation of momentum.
Today we get an answer of sorts thanks to the work of Mike McCulloch at Plymouth University in the U.K. McCulloch’s explanation is based on a new theory of inertia that makes startling predictions about the way objects move under very small accelerations.

I’ve been trying really hard not to get excited about the EmDrive. Why? Because it should be impossible, and the fact that it keeps working feels like I’m being led on. I don’t want to get attached, because the way it appears to work is something that would fix a lot of the things I hate about the way the laws of physics work.
Basically if I allow myself to believe in it, if it gets disproved it will crush me, and so I’m trying to do some preventative maintenance against it.

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