Why I like Jeph Jacques

The Fix:

One of the things the strip is known for is its careful, very sensitive treatment of such hot-button issues as mental health—for instance, one of the most popular characters, Hannelore Ellicot-Chatham, has fairly significant obsessive-compulsive disorder; there is Faye’s depression, PTSD and struggles with alcohol—and the strip also routinely integrates gay and trans characters. Do you see yourself as, in part, an artist who advocates for better understanding of individuals facing such issues, and how have your readers responded to your presentation of such issues and such characters?
I never really thought of myself as an “advocate” until recently—most of the time I just keep my head down and try to make good comics. But over the last couple of years I’ve started to become more aware of how my strip has affected the people who read it, and it feels really good to be a positive influence in people’s lives. Reader response has been very positive—lots of people say the comic has helped them, directly or indirectly, and that’s a very satisfying thing to hear. I’m happy to help, in whatever small way I can.

He’s a good guy, and his comics1 are wonderful.

  1. It’s been plural for a while- I found out about IndieTits, a sort of spin-off of Yelling Bird, a while back, and read through the entire archive, and I’m avidly following Alice Grove now, too. 

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