“Twitter has become a park filled with bats”

New York Magazine:

The truth is, aside from the sole fact of my being female and having a face, I’m not much of a good target. I’m not involved with gaming journalism, intense electoral politics, technology. Probably the most controversial stand I’ve taken on anything is being pro-pineapple as a pizza topping. While I have much respect for people who enjoy using Twitter for lively discourse, I mostly just want to make lame jokes.
But when opening the app even just to make a quick joke involves a cost-benefit analysis — “make a joke about oatmeal cookies and potentially see a bunch of swastikas and taints” — well, it’s time to step back. And that’s just for a dumb cookie jokester! Twitter is getting scary and shitty across the board, not just in certain spheres. 

The irony is not lost on me that I found this article via the magazine’s official twitter account.

I support free speech. But getting bombarded with epithets and graphic images does not a love for humanity foster. I don’t know where these beardos got the idea that the First Amendment says, “Do whatever the fuck you want, it’s spring break, bitches.” Why do the laws of order and decency not apply to spaces where other people can’t tell you through basic social cues, or, barring that, Tasing, that you’re being a real asshole?

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