“Haunted House Hang-Up”

In case you weren’t aware, I’ve got a bit of a hobby of tweeting my thoughts while I watch episodes of Scooby-Doo. At one point, the internet on campus went down, so I pulled out Scooby-Doo and started watching, but I found I couldn’t not write down my sarcastic little remarks. So, preserved below, are my thoughts as I watched “Haunted House Hang-Up,” an episode of the original series of Scooby-Doo.1

“Look guys, a light in that old haunted mansion!” thanks daphne

“Oh, the doors just closed themselves behind us, probably this is just one of those fancy new smart homes”

wait why was the lever to open the secret door from inside the secret passage a hidden ’pull the light fixture’ lever?

“There’s a clue! You can tell by the way it’s using a different color palette than the rest of the room”

wow Shaggy just threw Scooby under the bus, no chill

“hey, maybe these really visible footprints are a Clue!”

alright the Headless Spectre just rose up out of the fireplace, how does that even work

Shaggy is apparently strong enough that he can lift a dude up the stairs by yanking the rug under said dude’s feet

this show is the reason I always wanted a velocipede as a child. or a converted spinning wheel, either would’ve worked

“we fell down the well but the water’s only knee deep, we’re fine!” so… no broken bones or anything?

Fred just trips over a rug and unveils the hidden trapdoor, which Daphne promptly falls down. these teens accomplish so much by being clumsy.

Scooby was chewing on that balloon for a solid 30 seconds before he realized it wasn’t food

how did nobody buy this Civil War-era mansion, it’s got a wine cellar and its own well and a greenhouse and all
the greenhouse apparently comes with a Venus Flytrap large enough to eat an entire adult human

I like that the ghost watched Shaggy and Scooby fly away on giant balloons and went “yeah, that seems fine, I’ll chase them like that”

“Hey, there really is a headless specter after all!” okay yeah Fred when Velma was telling you that there’s really a ghost, you should’ve listened

“I even rigged the floating candle as part of it!” okay but how did you do that

“wh- wh- what is it?” it is very obviously a dude wearing a sheet, Shaggy, you’re not blind

this guy just took a header into a support column so hard that it fell down, he’s got brain damage now

“like, wow, you’re rich!” on one hand that wasn’t actually that much money, but on the other hand it was all 1800s bills, so

  1. A friend is trying to convince me I should make a YouTube series out of doing this. Thoughts?