Handoff for Siri?


Another potential wrinkle is that we have many devices that can potentially respond to “Hey Siri” these days, including iPhones, iPads, and the Apple Watch. Will Siri know, intelligently, which device to trigger when the phrase is used? Or will we instead be greeted by a chorus of Siri responses from all our various gadgets? While it may not make the first iteration, I’m hopeful this might lead to the ability to have customizable phrases to trigger Siri on different devices. (Okay, maybe I just want the Star Trek experience of calling my iMac “Computer.” Sue me!)

I don’t really want different devices responding, I want an expansion of the way Handoff works. Siri works across multiple devices to figure out which one to use – closest microphone, unless your Apple Watch isn’t in screen-on mode, in which case go to the phone or Mac or Apple TV that’s closest. I think that’d work best.

I’d love to see Apple start to open up Siri to Mac developers, letting them integrate the virtual assistant with their applications. We don’t all do our email via Mail, our browsing via Safari, our writing in Pages, or our tweeting via the Twitter app. Letting third-party developers create hooks into Siri would open up the possibility for some great new implementations and innovation, just as it has for features like 3D Touch.

Google Now has some pretty good deep-linking capabilities, from what I’ve seen, but I think Apple could do even more with Siri. The interaction models are slightly different between the two, and I think Siri’s is more suited to working with everything on your phone.


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