“Connection Failed”

Better Elevation:

I do know that the video for our song “I Said So!” (and the song itself) ended up being featured on the Apple Music front page for a little while. Because everything Apple does is a mysterious black box, we have no way of knowing why or how that happened. Since the song and video were shared via our Connect posts and not the tracks we have on Apple Music, we’ll never know how many people clicked through, and we’ll never see a penny for it. (And because our account was reset, any followers we gained are now lost.)

Connect seemed like a good idea when it came out. Within two days, I’d stopped using it and filed it in with “Radio” and “Apple Music” as “bits of the new Music app that I wish I could kill.”1 But Apple managed to take an already frustratingly-opaque area2 and make it worse.

  1. ‘Apple Music’ is also in a subcategory called “bits of the new Music app that I wish I could kill violently.” 
  2. Citation: every woman using twitter. They get harassed. Twitter either does nothing, or doesn’t tell anyone they’re doing anything. Instagram is even worse about this. Facebook will send you a notification that they’re not doing anything. Social networks suck at communicating with their users. 

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