“We sued who?”

Ars Technica:

Minero Digital LLC dismissed its case … one day after Newegg Chief Legal Officer Lee Cheng authorized his outside lawyer to try to settle the case in exchange for a “nominal donation to charity.” During that conversation (the attorneys’ first discussion about the case), Newegg’s outside counsel said that although the proposed agreement wouldn’t pay Minero anything, it was likely to be Newegg’s best and final offer. He suggested Minero search the Internet for news articles about Newegg’s policies on settling “patent troll” type cases. (The short version: Newegg doesn’t pay patent trolls.)

I love that that was their method. “Hey, buddy, just… look us up.”
Newegg has a reputation for fighting back against patent trolls, and I wish there were more companies that did that, because the whole ‘patent’ thing is getting really annoying.

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