Twitter domain names


I’ve always wondered why Twitter doesn’t have domain names. I don’t mean; they have that. But domains for Twitter users. For example, take a company like Apple. They have a number of Twitter accounts, such as @AppStore, @AppleMusicHelp, and some Apple executives have accounts, such as @tim_cook and @cue.
But Twitter could make it easier to know who works for a company, or at least who’s using a company account. They could create a domain name. It could be something like @Apple/TimCook, or @TimCook/Apple. They could find a special character to separate the domain name from the user, so a company could buy a domain, and then control all the accounts with that domain.

Interesting concept. I like the @Apple/TimCook format, it makes the most sense in a directory-type structure. For existing accounts, though, like @TimCook, they’d have to alias it, not migrate it entirely, because someone would immediately grab @TimCook and start impersonating the real Tim Cook.
Still, interesting concept.

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