“Imagining the end of the closet”→

Shannon Keating:

Queer women, in particular, are constantly assumed to be straight, with their romantic relationships belittled as friendships or phases or performances for horny heterosexual men. While Stewart’s queer cred has been glaringly obvious to lesbians everywhere for years, there are still plenty of clueless straight people out there who — not knowing where to look or even to look — still think of Stewart as the ex-girlfriend of Robert Pattinson and that English film director. Which is not Stewart’s fault, or her responsibility. The onus shouldn’t be on queer people to declare their otherness over and over.

The phrase “gal pal” became an ongoing joke to a lot of people after the only acknowledgement that Stewart and her girlfriend1 ever got was with the phrase “gal pals.”

  1. I feel like ‘girlfriend’ should be emphasized somehow because it was really obvious that that’s what they were. (Are? I’m not actually up to date on this stuff.)