“How much would Bernie tax me?”→


Families under the 25th percentile, which have a negative net burden due to tax credits and Medicaid, would see no changes under Bernie’s plans. Families with incomes from the 25th percentile level up to just over the 95th percentile would save money. The remaining families with incomes greater than $250,000, less than 5% of all families, would pay more. Additionally, the current tax system is mostly flat from the lower middle to upper classes, meaning we expect the same contributions as a proportion of income from relatively poor families as we do from those with plenty. Under Bernie’s tax plans, the tax system would be progressive, reducing the burden on those with the least.
When I started supporting Bernie Sanders for President, I fully expected to pay a little bit more to ensure that all of my neighbors were guaranteed access to healthcare and a decent standard of living. That would have been a good deal in my book. The fact that he can do all of that and more while saving money for the vast majority of Americans is a nice bonus, though.

How, exactly, are we supposed to believe this is a bad thing?