Exploring a vinyl record factory


Wiper visited Record Industry while on assignment for Norwegian magazine and found the place pulsing with life. Loudspeakers broadcast classic rock and pop, competing with the clank and hiss of 33 presses busily churning out records. “They told me at the factory that all sorts of artists like One Direction and Katy Perry are getting their tracks released on vinyl now,” he says. “I have no idea who the hell would buy that.”

I’m a digital proponent; there’s simply no way that a vinyl record produces better sound quality than a well-made digital file. Which sounds better,1 and which is an overall better experience? That I won’t argue.2

  1. Maybe you just… really like the inaccuracies produced by vinyl? 
  2. I will, however, argue that, save the aesthetic appeal, the entire experience of vinyl records can be recreated digitally. Again, ‘digital proponent.’ 

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