Back in 2012, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, or ICANN, started accepting applications for new domain names beyond the typical .com, .org, and .net we’re all familiar with. Having seen one too many politicians fall victim to cybersquatting, Warren bought the rights to the .vote domain and its Spanish counterpart, .voto.
Now anyone who buys a .vote or .voto domain must sign an agreement verifying he or she is the candidate or represents the candidate. If it turns out someone lied, candidates can report it to the dotVOTE registry, which will immediately take down the website. The registry launched in March, and already nearly 4,000 domains featuring candidates’ first and last names have been transferred to their rightful owners.

This strikes me as the sort of thing that probably should’ve been handled by a government organization, rather than a private one, but as long as someone is doing it.

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