Touchable Holograms


As cool as it sounds, the researchers admitted that for the moment people can only lightly stroke a hologram hand or object. The prospect of clutching someone’s projected hand in a firm handshake or bear-hugging a person are still hypothetical, as they can’t increase the ultrasound levels.
“The [level] of ultrasound we’re currently using is very safe, but if it’s too strong, ultrasound can damage the insides of the human body such as the nerves and other tissues,” explained Hiroyuki Shinoda, a professor at University of Tokyo with years of haptics research under his belt. “We have to consider the limitations.”

The actual hologram technology is just trickery with mirrors, which I find very disappointing. I’m still waiting for someone to come out with a good free-space voxel projection system.1

  1. Can you tell I wrote a research paper on this subject? 

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