The US is getting a new supercomputer→


Yellowstone, a 1.5-petaflop system from IBM, is one of the world’s most powerful supercomputers, featuring over 72,000 Intel Sandy Bridge processors and 144.6 terabytes of memory.
Cheyenne is to be built by Silicon Graphics International and, when it goes live at the beginning of 2017, will offer NCAR a mighty 313 terabytes of memory across 4,000 compute nodes, 20 percent of which will have 128GB memory with the remainder sporting 64GB memory each.
NCAR has also acquired a new centralized parallel file system with 20 petabytes of usable space, while data-storage components will support transfers at 200GB per second.

Every time I see a story like this, I wonder one thing: how does it stack up against Amazon’s cloud? Or Google’s? If you were to take all of the resources of one of those companies and throw it together on this same scale, what sort of ridiculous numbers would you see?