The history of iTunes


Launched with a mere 200,000 songs, the iTunes Music Store sold one million songs in its first week. By June of that year, a million iPods had been sold, and the world was soon rocking to their personal soundtracks while wearing the signature white earbuds.

The full story is… a little bit sad, actually. But it makes sense – iTunes was a wonderful program when it launched, a simplification of an overcomplicated space. By the time I started using it, it was already a complex beast – it probably would’ve been fine on a Mac, but the PC version was awful. But I wanted an iPod, and so I was stuck.
These days, it’s hard to find anyone who’ll argue that iTunes isn’t broken in some way. Most people say it’s bloated, but McElhearn1 argues that the problem is more in the deep iTunes Store integration – Apple sacrificed usability in favor of “buy our stuff.”

  1. The author of the article I’m linking to. 


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