The end of the Yahoo! directory

Fast Company:

Yahoo quickly became central to the discovery process that was unfolding on the Internet. Even though it had plenty of competition, it was the first place most people went to find information. And if you ran a website, it might as well have been invisible until you got it listed on Yahoo—a process which could involve a long wait.

I can’t say I recall using Yahoo!’s directory at any point – by the time I started using the internet, search engines were already taking over.1 I do remember using PortaPortal (or something similarly-named) to build my own portal website, after being pointed in that direction by an enterprising elementary school teacher. That counts, very loosely, as the first website I ever put together. Now I’m running a network of WordPress sites and putting together an eCommerce solution for a friend. My, how things change.

  1. Google wasn’t yet the monolithic end-all of search that it eventually became, though. 

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