“My love of Macbook”

Jim Dalrymple:

I remember years ago traveling with a backpack full of peripherals, backup drives, and a heavy laptop. My backpack weighed as much as my suitcase sometimes, but I needed it all—or at least I think I did.
When I travel these days, I throw my MacBook into the carry-on bag with the power adapter and leave. There is really nothing else I need anymore. It’s powerful, and portable, enough to take anywhere without much planning.

For traveling my backpack still winds up very heavy, but that’s because, more often than not, it is my suitcase – I’m too cheap to check a bag.1 That said, the majority of the weight comes from compressed clothing2 rather than the tangle of cords and peripherals that I used to carry.

  1. Or, as is more frequently the case these days, the organization I’m traveling with is. I’m glad my “buying a house” worth of tuition is being used well. 
  2. “Hey, can I borrow all your textbooks?”
    “I need to flatten some clothing.”
    “… okay?” 

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