The Verge:

Today, workers began installing the first LinkNYC access points in New York. First announced in November 2014, the hubs are designed as an update to the standard phone booth, using upgraded infrastructure to provide gigabit Wi-Fi access points. This particular installation was spotted outside a small Starbucks at 15th St and 3rd Avenue, near Manhattan’s Union Square. 500 other hubs are set to be installed throughout the city by mid-July. LinkNYC anticipates one or two weeks of testing before New Yorkers will be able to use the hubs to get online.

Something interesting I saw in the pictures – the actual control surfaces for the things, as well as the aforementioned USB hubs and a tablet, include a big red ‘911’ button. It’s a convention from college campuses,1 and I think it’s a great idea.

  1. We have ten-foot tall things that offer a direct line to Campus Security, with a very visible camera pointed at wherever the person pressing the button is, as well as a siren-style light mounted above it. 

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