GM’s car-sharing system


Maven is key to how GM is addressing that shift. At first, it will be available to students and faculty at the University of Michigan’s Ann Arbor campus. Chevrolet vehicles—Volts, Sparks, Malibus, and Tahoes—will fill 21 parking spots. Users can reserve cars through the Maven app, and use their phone to unlock and start the vehicle. The cars will support Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, so users can tote their digital lives with them into whatever car they rent. It’s a “truly personalized experience,” says Julia Steyn, GM’s head of urban mobility programs. “You can take your life with you.” The program is free to join and charges as little as $6 an hour to use a car, which includes insurance and gas.

Now that is the kind of ‘car ownership’ I’d actually like. I don’t drive enough for it to be worth owning my own, and having space for one?1

  1. I live on a college campus. Or, y’know, “1,000 people living in a space with 100 parking spots.” 

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