Apple’s 2015 report card

Six Colors:

Judging by our panel’s responses, Apple had a good year when it came to its hardware, but software and cloud services were more of a mixed bag, and developer relations and home-tech initiatives were not so great. Among the key product categories, the panel generally thought it was a good year for iOS, an okay year for the Mac and the new Apple TV, and a rough start for the Apple Watch.

I love these sorts of analyses.1
And, from later on, one of my favorite bits of the whole thing:

Josh Centers praised Apple’s overall “quite good” software quality, but cited iTunes as “perhaps the single worst piece of popular consumer software on the market” and “a disaster.” Adam Engst called iTunes “a shambling mess that should be put out of our misery.”

  1. The whole ‘let’s look at a bunch of data and make graphs and then talk about the graphs’ kind of thing is exactly why I love the Health app on iOS. 

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