“Anywhere but Medium”

Dave Winer:

I only want to point to things that I think have a chance at existing years from now. And things that are reasonably unconflicted, where I feel I understand where the author is coming from. Neither of those criteria are met by posts on Medium. I also want to preserve the ability of developers to innovate in this area. If Medium sews up this media type, if they own it for all practical purposes, as Google owned RSS (until they dropped it), then you can’t move until they do. And companies with monopolies have no incentive to move forward, and therefore rarely do. Look at how slowly Twitter has improved their platform, and all the new features are for advertisers, not for writers. I suspect Medium will go down a similar path. 

WordPress is great- open-source software is great. I’m free to do whatever I want with my content. Sure, it’s not getting aggregated anywhere beyond my home page, the RSS feed, and, depending on my mood, my Twitter account.1 But I own my content, and I can do whatever I want with it.

  1. Sometimes I leave things auto-posting tweets, sometimes I disable them. 

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