Young Wizards Advent Calendar

Diane Duane:

There is a very soft clunk as a large platter bedizened with a desperately ugly folk-art painting of an apparently dyspeptic turkey is placed carefully on the floor.
“Oh goodness me Juan, will you look at what’s happened to your Mama’s platter,” announces one of the people in the kitchen in a tone totally bereft of either shock or dismay. “Whatever will we tell her.”
A glance through the passthrough. “That there was a terrible accident?”
“You’re on.”
And after a thoughtful moment:
“Sweet Powers, is that lead in this glaze? You people may not be much at the technology end but you are such gourmets.”

This is from the December 3rd entry of the advent calendar, just a short excerpt, but I feel like it captures the characters1 wonderfully. Plus, an interesting little discussion on varying tech levels amongst an intergalactic-scale society.

  1. Unnamed, so if you haven’t read the books you’ll be a bit baffled by it all. 

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