TPP still sucks, folks

24 ways:

By far the most controversial area of the TPP has centred around the provisions on intellectual property. These include copyright terms of up to 120 years, mandatory takedowns of allegedly infringing content in response to just one complaint regardless of that complaint’s validity, heavy and disproportionate penalties for alleged violations, and – most frightening of all – government seizures of equipment allegedly used for copyright violations. All of these provisions have been raised without regard for the fact that a trade agreement is not the appropriate venue to negotiate intellectual property law.

(Emphasis mine.) Apparently nobody putting this thing together has ever used the internet, because that bit right there, that content has to be removed if there’s any complaint, regardless of validity? That’s going to be used to destroy people.
On the bright side, I’m going to have fun filing invalid copyright complaints against the RIAA and MPAA and forcing them to take their entire websites offline.

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