The Pomplamoose problem

Artist Empathy:

If you look at Pomplamoose as a business instead of as a band, what’s the problem? When Jack Conte writes about Pomplamoose, he also endorses the company he co-founded, Patreon, because it is the tech savvy business model that allows them to go on tour and lose money. Patreon and Pomplamoose are both expressions of Conte, and they support each other. Even if Pomplamoose wrote their tour expense story with the sole purpose of introducing Patreon – a service that generates regular income for Pomplamoose from fans who subscribe in exchange for music videos –  what’s wrong with that?

The article’s a couple years old, and I actually remember when Pomplamoose first published their tour finances. It was a big deal then, and I still don’t really understand why. And I wonder if, these days, it’d be the same way – Patreon has gotten a lot more popular, and it’s more of an accepted business model now.

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