Slot cars


By 1968, the vast majority of arcade tracks had closed and the future was speeding past. That year, the upstart HotWheels line began selling relatively hip mini Camaros and VW bugs. In Japan, Speed Racer outfitted futuristic cars with 007-weapons and thrust them into Grand Prix warfare and immediately became North America’s first crossover anime hit. In Hollywood, the slot-car-obsessed Elvis spun out. His racetrack musical Speedway crashed — and then he watched Steve McQueen lap him in Bullitt, the unprecedented realistic action film that took high-speed car-chases off the racetracks and into the streets. Soon, slot-car racing was rusting in the pop-culture junkyard.

It’s a mix of a history of a type of toy and a review of the latest version of that toy. Interesting read.

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