Product packaging


These days designers are looking for ways to make product packaging more like a banana peel, which is to say, less wasteful and more specific to the product being sold. This tendency stems, in part, from a burgeoning sense of responsibility on the part of corporations to consider their environmental impact. It’s also good business; inventive, low-impact packaging can make brands more interesting and competitive.

This isn’t the first book I’ve heard about diving into this sort of thing, but I always enjoy hearing about the different types of designs people are working on. (The new boarding pass design, though? Ugh. I’ve seen proper redesigns that just redid the layout of the paper, and I’ve seen how well they can work on mobile phones.1 Cramming reactive advertising into a piece of paper, though? Wasteful and obnoxious.)

  1. Okay, Alaska Air’s boarding pass in Apple Wallet was a cool concept and it did get me on the plane, but the live-updating stuff didn’t work for crap. So, cool concept, execution still lacking. 

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