NerdCubed’s Just Cause 3 review

I don’t normally link YouTube videos, and yet here we are. I’ve been following NerdCubed since way back when,1 and I think he might well be the only YouTuber that I’ve kept in my subscriptions that whole time – they tend to shift over time. Needless to say, I trust his opinions, and I wish I could pick up this game based on his reviews.2 Unfortunately, this whole ‘broke college student’ thing not only means that I don’t have enough spare time to play videogames, I also don’t have the money for a new game. Or a new game console. Welp.

  1. Dating back to the origin of his name, a webcomic created using Minecraft. That was quite a while ago. 
  2. He’s done a few videos involving alpha/beta footage of the game, as well. They’re wonderful. 

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