Comcast can’t measure data accurately

Ars Technica:

Oleg received warnings in September and another in October, the latter while he was overseas for a multiple-week vacation with his wife. When they returned home on November 9th, Comcast’s data meter was “showing I used 120 gigs of data, like, while I was gone,” he wrote. Customers can check their usage on Comcast’s website.
Calls with Comcast customer service agents didn’t clear up the problem. “I called Comcast… and was patronizingly informed that ‘it must be somebody stealing your Wi-Fi,'” he wrote. “Possible, but highly unlikely. I’m a software developer, Linux kernel contributor, and I take my home security very seriously.”

I’m so glad we don’t have Comcast as our ISP anymore. Frontier may be a little bit incompetent about some things,1 but at least they aren’t actively evil like Comcast is.

  1. It took four months to get our broken router replaced, and they keep getting in trouble for having crappy security on their webmail setup. 

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