YouTube Red and Creators

The Verge:

Getting permission to include every single video on YouTube ad-free was no easy task. Kyncl and his team had to convince millions of independent creators, large and small, many of whom worried that their fans would be forced to pay in order to see all their videos, of the benefits of a subscription model. Independent musicians and labels whipped up righteous anger across the web. Fans and media glommed to the story. But for users who choose to opt out, the vast majority of videos will still be available on either side of the paywall, with ads for ordinary users and ad-free for subscribers.

Oh, but it actually was an easy task. It was a change in the license agreement with their creators, and even ignoring that most people just click through those things without reading them, it was prefaced with “If you don’t agree with this, all of your videos go unlisted- good luck maintaining an audience!”
Other than the top .01% of creators, YouTube does a pretty awful job of communicating with the people who create the content that keeps them running. Unless you’re one of the people whose face they plaster on billboards and the sides of busses, you’re going to get what they give you and you’re just going to have to accept it.

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