Shock Therapy for Public Transit


To be sure, this sort of shock therapy for public transit systems would be deeply unpleasant for all involved. Already the Caltrain, which travels from San Francisco to Silicon Valley, fairly bursts with commuters every morning and night; to force every commuter on it would be to create a hell on rails. There would be endless lines at the ticket machines and untold lost work hours, and many people would arrive at their offices seething and sweaty. One could argue that spreading awareness with a volunteer program, like Meatless Mondays, would be better. But that would miss the point: Only when people are forced onto the bus do they get onto the public transit bus.

As someone who’s forced onto public transit,1 I’m all in favor of something like this. I’m in favor of anything that would get public transit more support.

  1. Mostly by the sheer expense of college, although my own dislike of driving is a significant factor as well. 

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