Let’s Encrypt


For years, EFF has been working to protect the Web from surveillance and censorship by making encryption ubiquitous. Fixing problems with the Internet’s certificate infrastructure has been at the top of that list.
Last night, that campaign took a major step forward when the Let’s Encrypt Certificate Authority, which we’ve been building in collaboration with teams at Mozilla and ISRG (and a lot of help from Akamai, Cisco, and others) received a cross-signature from IdentTrust. As a result, Let’s Encrypt certificates are now valid and trusted by all modern Web browsers. You can see our very first cert in action at helloworld.letsencrypt.org.

The EFF does good work, and once Let’s Encrypt goes into public beta I may get myself set up to make this site more secure. Because, y’know, there’s so much on here worth the security.

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