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There are some times when a workaround just isn’t possible. I’ve been embroiled in a cordial email battle with Bank of America, literally for years, over my email address, which is simply null@nullmedia.com. Using null as a mailbox name simply does not work at B of A. The system will not accept it, period. For many months I had a workaround: I created an alias—using info instead of null—and just forwarded the email sent to that alias to my regular account.
This worked for a long time, until abruptly my email stopped arriving (which resulted in a missed credit card payment). It took some digging but I discovered that in the course of upgrading its system, B of A’s system actually got worse, not better, and it stopped being able to handle the string “null” as part of my domain name, too. No email address at nullmedia.com would work any more. Ultimately I had to switch my email address altogether to a Gmail account—though oddly that has “null” in the mailbox name too, just not at the beginning.

It makes me happy in an evil way that it’s Bank of America having this problem. Because of course their system is this spectacularly incompetent.

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