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Events has long been in what Facebook calls “maintenance mode.” Basically, the very popular feature has had only a small dedicated team of engineers keeping the lights on, making sure you could smack a photo on the cover and tell people about your event. The progression toward something more usable started about a year ago.

The first section of this article was devoted to explaining why people never ‘declined’ events. Which is not something that I understood, because I’ll happily hit ‘decline’ on events. If you’re running a week of events, make a week’s worth of event pages – don’t create one event that lasts an entire week. It blocks out my entire calendar and makes it near-impossible to create events around it. And thus, I’ll decline, just to get the stupid thing out of the way.1

  1. This complaint might also be leveled at Apple, for the way they included Facebook integration in Calendar for OS X and iOS, but I’m still going to be mad at the people who actually make these events. 

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