Disabling Javascript


A small but growing number of people, however, are taking ad-blocking a step further and just disabling JavaScript altogether. Earlier this month I resolved to join their ranks, at least for one week, and see what life was like without JavaScript. By the end of the week, I dreaded going back to the messy modern web.

I’ve done my best to make sure this site will work just fine without JavaScript – the only thing you’d lose, if I’m remembering properly, would be the handy little footnote things, and the footnotes will still work without JavaScript, they just won’t look as nice.1

  1. The footnotes are actually standard-formatted by Markdown, so they’re links that jump to the footnotes at the end of the article. Removing that and replacing it with the little popup is all handled in JavaScript. No JavaScript, no popup… but no removal of the original, either. Graceful fallback, if I do say so myself. 

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