Apple’s Perfectionism Machine


“Before Jony [Ive] and Steve came back, there was a relationship between the industrial design team and the engineering teams, but not an integrated one,” Schiller recalled. “The industrial design team might create some models and designs and those may not reflect the product that was ultimately made or they may not result in any product at all.”
It was, put simply, much less of a clear path from product conception to production. There was, instead, a sort of back and forth between groups, where one would come up with an idea, lob it over the wall to the other group — design or engineering — which would then throw back over its concepts.
This is in stark contrast to how things work today.

Perhaps more fun for me than actually reading the article was picking apart the design of Mashable’s site – it’s a WordPress installation, which was pretty easy to verify just by pulling up the source code and spotting the countless “/wp-content/“ URLs of embedding materials.
I was more proud of myself for picking out one of the plugins they’re using: Aesop Story Engine. It’s something I’ve fiddled with before, apparently enough that I can recognize the modules that it includes.
Their theme for Aesop is better than any of the ones I’ve used – probably something to do with the fact that they’ve got a budget for such things, and I just have what I can accomplish in ten minutes of bored coding.

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