The New Microsoft→

Business Insider:

The real crux of Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella vision is the idea of putting the user first. Want to use Office on an Android tablet? Fine. Want to run Skype on a Mac? Cool.
What’s important to CEO Satya Nadella, he’s said over and over, is that users love Microsoft. And cloud-based tools like OneDrive and Office 365 make sure that a user’s data is consistent, from a Microsoft Surface Pro tablet to an Apple iPhone. 

Microsoft has been doing a great job lately, to be honest. Sure, Windows 10 has some bugs and privacy concerns, but that’s the outlier of late: the Office suite looks great on my iPhone and MacBook, my OneDrive account has more than 400 GB of data stored in it,1 and I’m so enamored with their Visual Studio developer software that I installed a virtual machine on my MacBook just so I could use it outside of the computer lab.

  1. Don’t ask.