Sport Coding


It would be nice to tell you that sport coding is riveting to watch. And it would be equally nice to dish on the charms of the sport’s current superstar programming god. The reality of the situation, however, is that sport coding does not offer much in the way of high drama or charismatic personalities. Still, sport coding has gone relatively unnoticed for too long. It’s a form of competition that rewards natural talent, perseverance, and teamwork. And, even more crucial for life in 2015, being a good sport coder is a surefire way for an 18-year-old to get noticed by the thousands of companies looking to rain money down on talented software developers. 

Fun fact: in my programming classes, we use a sport coding server to turn in our homework: set in practice mode, the way it tests the code to see if it works functions as automatic grading. And the ‘jury’ access, given to the TA for the class, is a convenient way to organize our submissions and get access to it to grade on style points.

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