Sage Labels


The Sage platform shows visualizations of food product data, breaking out specific ingredients — such as additives and GMOs — to provider clearer indications of when individual products might be a cause for concern (or vice versa). Serving sizes can also be adjusted to more easily customize nutrition data to each individual’s diet. And personal factors such as allergies can be taken into account — to allow problem ingredients to be instantly flagged up.

It’s an interesting concept, but I think the ‘data dump’ style food labels are going to continue for a long time – it’s an efficient use of space on the limited physical packaging. I could see Sage taking off in the form of attached QR codes or NFC chips, though – scan it or tap it with your phone, and the full data sheet, well-designed in the Sage style, plugging in to your phone’s health database to personalize itself for you, pops up. Could work very well.


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