Peeple, via Washington Post:

You can already rate restaurants, hotels, movies, college classes, government agencies and bowel movements online.
So the most surprising thing about Peeple — basically Yelp, but for humans — may be the fact that no one has yet had the gall to launch something like it.

“Yeah, we figured out how to end the war in the Middle East- just nuke everyone!”
There’s a reason that people ignore the ‘obvious’ solution, sometimes.

When the app does launch, probably in late November, you will be able to assign reviews and one- to five-star ratings to everyone you know: your exes, your co-workers, the old guy who lives next door. You can’t opt out — once someone puts your name in the Peeple system, it’s there unless you violate the site’s terms of service. And you can’t delete bad or biased reviews — that would defeat the whole purpose.

Diane Duane had something to say about that:

Is it even legal to create a profile for someone else without permission? Isn’t that going to run afoul of intellectual property law? Not to mention (I suspect) data protection law in the EU.

This app they’re proposing to build is an obviously awful idea. We live in the era of gamergate and doxxing, when people can destroy other people’s lives on social media that explicitly bans that sort of thing. In what world does it make sense to launch a product that, as far as I can tell, actively encourages that sort of thing?
Sure, they’ve got some language about