Last week, however, the Kepler mission set the world alight with claims that something had been found orbiting a star, catchily dubbed KIC 8462852, which defied most conventional explanations. And, when conventional explanations are exhausted, it seems there’s one thing next thing on the list: a massive, as-yet-unknown, alien megastructure.
So, just what could be floating around KIC 8462852? We’ve scoured the worlds of physics, sci-fi, and far-out futurism to list some of the possibilities. So, without discounting the fact that whatever the alien megastructure is might be way beyond the realms of what our fragile human minds can comprehend, here are some of our best suggestions.

While I haven’t done a whole lot of research into what we know about the star thus far, Motherboard’s “favorite” option, a Dyson Sphere, is blatantly wrong – a Dyson Sphere is designed to capture all of the energy coming off the star, which means that we wouldn’t be able to see it at all.

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