Gen II vs. Gen III Reactors

IEEE Spectrum:

Yesterday, U.S. federal regulators approved an operating license for Unit 2 of Tennessee Valley Authority’s Watts Bar nuclear power plant; it’s only taken 19 years and almost 4.5 billion dollars. The Gen II plant should be producing power by the end of the year, and it shouldn’t bother you in the least that we mostly stopped building Gen II reactors sometime in the mid ‘90s. 

Later in the article:

We certainly don’t mean to suggest that Watts Bar 2, a Gen II pressurized water reactor, is unsafe or anything.

Oh, no, we don’t want to make you think it’s unsafe. That’s why we only spent 2/3 of the article talking about why it’s unsafe. Never mind the fact that nuclear power is still the safest form of power generation, even after Chernobyl, Three Mile Island, and Fukushima Daiichi are taken into account.

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