Flexible Batteries


Dubbed “Stripe” and “Band,” these new Samsung batteries are thin and flexible, allowing them to fit into spaces and components that could otherwise not house a battery.
The new batteries are still in the prototype phase, but testing appears to be going quite well. According to Samsung, its new battery tech has the potential to increase battery life in some mobile devices by as much as 50%. Also of note, these new flexible batteries were able to withstand 50,000 bends during Samsung’s tests, suggesting durability will not be a concern.

Yeah, yeah, I’m sure that’s exciting for phones1 but think about the wearables – imagine an Apple Watch band that’s a single flexible battery – that could, what, quintuple the battery life of the Apple Watch? Suddenly, they’re competing with Pebble in terms of battery life. Now that is interesting.

  1. I’m an iPhone kind of guy, and the scale at which Apple does “economy of scale” brings a whole new meaning to the term. Their batteries are not out of Samsung’s component catalog, they’re custom-built. Flexible batteries don’t matter. 

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