Elon Musk on Electric Range


When grilled about driving distances in a Danish interview, Musk revealed that he expects the battery technology to improve at a rate of 5 to 10 percent per year, which could lead to some massive range gains in a relatively short space of time. The CEO notes that people have already driven the Model S up to 500 miles on a charge at slow speeds, and that this could extend to over 600 miles as soon as 2016, and a whopping 746 miles by 2020. While it’s doubtful that you’d get these figures blazing down the highway, Treehugger’s back-of-the-napkin math suggests that this should still lead to a realistic range of 382 to 483 miles. That’s enough for many city-to-city trips, and it doesn’t account for lighter materials or other efficiency refinements.

I’m not a big fan of cars, as a whole – I don’t like driving, and I don’t like fossil fuels. Tesla manufactures the only cars I’ve ever actually wanted to own. It’s a safe bet that that’s related to the all-electric core idea, and the great strides they’re making in self-driving technologies.

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