Apple Music Has Failed


There is no app in the world that is perfect, but the new iOS Music app is a sprawling mess, it can easily hang on opening if it can’t find a solid internet connection, and it makes it harder to search and locate your own music on a handset.  Album and Artist lists are compressed into a single drop down box, while Apple’s attempt at a global radio station is given a tab all on its own. Prioritising Zane Lowe’s vanity project over easy access to my own music collection is a courageous call for Apple to make.

My only concession to streaming music is a Pandora account that I’ve had for nearly ten years, and which I mostly use to play music when I’m going to bed. Apple forcing their streaming service on users is not something I’m happy about – look at the tabs in the iOS-core Music app when you’ve got Apple Music entirely disabled in the settings: My Music, Playlists, Radio, and Connect. Two of those things are features that should’ve disappeared when I disabled Apple Music. Half of the app is devoted to features that I will never use, while the stuff I do use has been crammed into a badly-designed ‘All Music’ view. It’s a mess.

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